Gradual Entrance into Kindergarten

Gradual Entrance into Kindergarten
Posted on 07/11/2016

Gradual Entrance into Kindergarten

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to kindergarten at Vincent Farm Elementary School! Please see the explanation of our gradual entrance schedule below.   Your child’s specific schedule will be mailed to you the first week of August.

Wednesday, August 24, Thursday, August 25th and Friday, August 26th

Kindergarten students will be assigned a time to come and meet one-on-one with their individual teachers for 30 minutes in the classroom during the first week of gradual entry. This is a time for the kindergarten teachers to get to know each child better and for each child to get some one-on-one time with their teacher. Each child will be shown around the classroom in order to become more familiar with their surroundings. Each kindergarten student will be given two very quick assessments during this time as well. This is so your child’s teacher can learn a little more about each child’s academic abilities. The first assessment is called the DIBELS Next Assessment. This is not a formal diagnostic tool. This tool is a screening instrument that measures how successfully a child is progressing in the critical skills that underlie success in early reading. It is typically given three times per year, once at the beginning of the year, again in January, and then again in May. At the beginning of the year the students are assessed in two specific skills: letter naming and first sound fluency. The second assessment is a BCPS Math assessment that focuses on very basic math skills such as number recognition, etc. We ask that you not refer to these very short assessments as “tests” to your child. In reality, we are simply playing some fun games in order to learn a little more about them. Each child entering kindergarten will be assigned a 30-minute time slot so that the teachers will have an opportunity to meet with students individually.

 Monday, August 29th 

Kindergarten students will continue their gradual entry by coming to school for a few hours in the morning or the afternoon.  Times will be assigned and included in the welcome back letter.  No transportation provided. 

 Tuesday, August 30th

All kindergarten students will be in school from 9:25am-1:00pm.  No transportation provided. 

 Wednesday, August 31

The first full day for kindergarten students and their first day on the school bus. 

We can’t wait to meet you and your child!